Pokemon Heading To Switch Soon?

The Pokemon games have always been a huge part of Nintendo so it made sense that the franchise will eventually make its way to the Nintendo Switch as well.

While Nintendo did not mention anything about the Pokemon games making their way over to the new console, their new posting has lead many to believe that they might be working on it.

Game Freak is now looking to hire a Character Modeler that is capable of creating “deformed toon-like person, monster, item.” which many suggest is referring to Pokemon.

They also wanted the person to have experience with Wii U/PS Vita which suggest that we might see a new kind of format. Of course, it could all be for something else but we will never know until 2018 as the job description says that the person will work through May 2018.

What do you think it will be? Do you think Pokemon and Switch is a good match?

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