Pokemon Go Update Only Has City Folks In Mind

Niantics have been trying to make their tracking system in the Pokemon Go app better and more useful. Ever since they started shutting down all the tracking sites, the in-app tracking system is all we have. The problem was that it wasn’t any good.

You would think that any upgrade Niantic does to the tracker will be better than what we have now but we were all wrong. The new tracking system will show you the Pokemon nearby if you are close to a Pokestop.

That means you will need to be near a Pokestop to see the Pokemons around you. That is fine if you are living in the city where there is one Pokestop every few steps but for those living in smaller towns or rural area, you can forget about using the tracking system.

The new tracking system update will be release in parts of the US, Canada as well as Australia.

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