Pokemon Go Update Balanced Out The Pokemons

Overall, the latest Pokemon Go update did not do much to the game other than updating the CP of some of the Pokemon.

According to Niantics, they are working on balancing out the Pokemon’ CP for a better battling and training experience and because of that, some Pokemon has been nerfed while other were upgraded.

Pokemon that will come with more CP now are Alakazam, Gengar as well as Rhydon. They also added that there will be a few other Pokemon with lower CP now although they did not reveal the full list of nerfed Pokemons.

Besides changing the CP of some of the Pokemon, Niantics also announce a new event in conjunction with Thanksgiving. Players will be awarded two times more XP and stardust during the even period.

The Double XP event will start on the 23rd of November and will continue until the 30th of November.

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