Pokemon Go To Begin Johto’s Journey Soon

Let’s me honest, the interest in the Pokemon Go app has died down significantly. To bring the hype back up, Niantics have been offering a few update and fun events like the last Halloween event but if they really want to bring the people back, they will have to do something drastic. Like bringing in the second gen Pokemon.

The Silph Road recently reveal the findings from their latest data mining discoveries and found out that Niantics might already be working on the Pokemon from the Johto region.

According to the game’s code, the Pokedex will hold 100 new Pokemon from #152 to #251. #152 will be the grass type starter Chikorita while #251 will be Celebi. They are reveal that the Moveset data for the new Pokemon has not appeared yet which means the update is still pretty far away.

We are still waiting for Niantics to start offering the battle features as well as offer some special event to catch some legendary Pokemon.

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