Pokemon Go: So We Have Leaders Now?

We know that every Pokemon Go players will have to pick a team and support that team but most of us thought that the team was so that we can fight for Gym locations but it looks like there is more to it.

Niantic has just revealed the team leaders for each of the team. There is Candela for Valor, Blanche for Mystic as well as Spark for Instinct. We still do not know what these Team Leaders will be for but some fans seem to have predicted that these Team Leader might be used to give our short missions to players like walking a few KM or catching a certain amount of Pokemon within a time frame to gain some prizes.

We know that Niantic has more in store for the app but most of the new feature will only be offered when the app has been released Worldwide. Niantic is still working to get the apps released worldwide, the latest country to join the list is HongKong.

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