Pokemon Go: No Better Time To Crack Those Lucky Eggs

To thank their fans for all the support, Niantics announce that they will be offering their fans two times the amount of XP and Stardust given.

The double XP event has already started so you might want to start catching and evolving your Pokemon right now. Besides adding in the new event, Niantics also updated the game recently although the update does not do much this time around.

Since we are already going to get so much XP and Stardust from catching and evolving Pokemon, this should also be the right time to start cracking those Lucky Eggs and start leveling up. The event will end on the 30th of November so start cracking.

The hype for the Pokemon Go app have been dying down but Niantics still doing all they can to keep the fans interested. It is believed that they are currently working on bringing the second-gen Pokemon into the app soon.


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