Pokemon Go New Tracker Will Get Rid Of Annoying Zubats

The Pokemon Go community was not oo happy when Niantics decided to shut down popular Pokemon tracking site Pokevision but a new tracker has now popped up and this one is even better than Pokevision.

Called the Smart Poke V2, the new tracker will allow Pokemon Go players to not only track the location of Pokemon but it will also allow users to filter some of the most annoying Pokemon like Zubat and Rattatas. The best part is that you don’t even have to keep it on because it will actually notify you if there is any Pokemon around and how much time you have to get them. The new app works directly through Google Maps.

Without the tracking feature on the app, Pokemon Go player have been having difficulties tracking down Pokemon nearby and the shutting down of PoekVision on made things harder.

We don’t know how long this app will be available but for now, those looking for a fast way to catch em all can start downloading the app.

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