Pokemon Go: Japan Rejoices, No Hope For The Rest Of Asia

Japan was supposed to be the first country to get the Pokemon Go app since that was where Pokemon originated from but Niantic decided to release the app in North America and Europe first before attending to Japan and you can bet that the fans were not too happy about that.

Luckily, Niantic finally got the app up and ready for Japan. Japan fans can now download the app from the Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore. The unique part about the app in Japan is that Mcdonalds all over the country will be a Pokestop which means players can fuel up and collect items at the same time.

There is no news about when the app will be released in the other Asian countries. Although some countries’ server were already listed, many believe that Niantic will focus their effort on South America first before they come back to Asia again because as they would probably want the app to be ready in Brazil before the Olympics.