Pokemon GO Hacks That Works

We are sure you all have heard of some of the hacks that you can use in the new Pokemon Go game like walking away from your starter to get the Pikachu and more. Well, here are some extra hacks that you might have missed out on.

So far, players have been trying to figure out how to get their Eevee to evolve the way they want it to. Well, it seems like some people might have already figured out the trick. The trick is to rename your Pokemon Spark, Pyro, and Rainer. This is a throwback to an episode in the anime.

There are also players reporting that if you have a Charmander, you can get it to evolve into a Charmeleon with moves Ember and Flamethrower if you name it Zippo and restart the game.

If you are looking to challenge a gym, it is best if you to do it at night now because of the 1hp glitch which means you Pokemon won’t faint. Good luck.

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