Pokemon Go: Get Ready To Fill Up That Pokedex Once More

The Pokemon Go app started out great but things quickly died down as the fans got bored of catching the same Pokemon over and over again. Well, it looks like it might be the time to pick up the app once more as Niantics now confirms that there will be new Pokemon added into the game soon.

There were already talks that Niantics is working on adding in the 2nd gen Pokemon into the app. Then there were all those Starbucks leaks. Although Niantics has already confirmed that new Pokemon will be arriving, they still have not revealed which Pokemon will be added and when the update will be release.

The also do not know what role Starbucks will be playing in all of these. Previous report suggests that we will see an update on the 8th of December but others were saying that the update will only arrive on the 12th of December.

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