Pokemon Go: Gen 2 Pokemon Is In But You Can’t Catch Em

There have been talks about Niantics is looking to add the Gen 2 Pokemons into the game and it looks like they finally did but before you start putting on your shoes to go for a walk, here is what you need to know.

Not all Gen 2 Pokemon are in the game right now. According to Niantics, Togepi, Pichu and a few other selected Pokemons are in the game. You won’t be able to catch them either because Niantics also added that they can only be hatched now.

That means you won’t be seeing them on the street, you will have to walk and hatch eggs and hope that there is a Gen 2 Pokemon inside instead of a Rattatas. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long before we can see them on the streets.

Besides that upgrades, Niantics also added a few other features including a few holiday theme update like the Santa Hat wearing Pikachu.

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