Pokemon Go: Fans Patience Thinning Over Slow Progress

While part of the world are enjoying the new Pokemon Go game right now, players from some other region of the world were forced to sit and wait and Niantic takes their time with the release of the app.

Things seem to have been slowing down after the huge Europe release earlier this month. Since then, Niantic has added France, Japan, and Hong Kong to the list but that’s it.

Adding fuel to the fire is Niantics poor communication. Maybe the fans will not be as angry if Niantic actually tells them that they are having some difficulties and will only be releasing the game at a certain date instead of forcing them to hopefully wait for the game day after day.

The fans were also not too happy about the fact that only one country was given the app since John Hanke from Niantic suggested that they are working to release the app in a new country every day.

Some of them even think that Niantics won’t be able to fulfill their initial promise to release the game in July since we are already nearing the end of July.


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