Pokemon Go DIY Fixes For Issues

The release of the new Pokemon Go game is a mess and Niantic Labs are scrambling to make things right for their fans. While we wait for Niantic Labs to update the app, here are some solution that you can try out to fix some of the issues.

Some players have reported that PokeCoins and premium items seem to be missing from their Pokemon Go app. If that is an issue you have been encountering, try signing out or restarting your device. To sign out, you will need to go the Pokemon Go > Main Menu > Settings > Sign Out.

Other players have also reported that their trainer progress would reset to Level 1. It is believed that this will occur if you had created two or more Pokemon Go accounts, one with Google and another with the Pokemon Trainer Club. To fix this, you will need to log out and log in with your original account.

What other issues have you been experiencing with the app?

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