Pokemon Go Asia: Another Week To Go

Nobody knows what Niantics will be doing next but we do know that they’ve released the app in South America and Central America this week. They also added that they will be focusing on releasing the app in the other countries.

We do not know when Asia will be getting the app but signs are pointing towards a possible release next week. From what we can see right now, it looks like Niantics will be releasing the app to a new country or region at least once a week. Seeing as it is already nearing the end of the week, we are estimating that South and Central America will be the only release this week.

As for next week, chances are the app will be released in Asia. Telco’s and companies like Grab seems to be preparing for the arrival of the app here in Asia as we see more promotional materials coming from Grab Singapore, Philipines, and Malaysia.

Although Asia is not the only region without the app right now, they are the only region that is still being geo-block. Let’s hope Niantics will have some good news for them soon.

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