Plex: Getting Started

There is no doubting the fact that Plex is the best platform to connect media contents from most wireless devices to your home Smart TV. The application makes it super easy to ensure a smooth playback experience and the best part is that it does not rely on a DLNA media server.

If you are new to Plex, here’s how you can get going with the application. The first thing you will need to do is register a free account with Plex and once done, you can start organizing you files in the application.

Once done, you will see your library on Plex’s servers and this will be accessed to remotely stream media content on your Smart TV. Prior to that, it is important for you to tweak the transcoding quality. After all, Plex generalize and converts the file formats automatically so that it can be played on various devices without any issue.

To play the file, do take note on platform you are using. If it is Chromecast, simply run the Plex app and tap on Cast to play the file. If it is on the AppleTV, the method remains the same and you can also utilize your mobile phone to operate the playback remotely.

Speaking of which, the Plex service comes with a one-time charge. The advantages of Plex over other connecting media apps are that the platform does not stutter or lag. Also, Plex takes the initiative to identify the format compatibility instead of saying no to an unrecognized format. With that being said, Plex is surely the best thing for media sharing among devices.


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