Playstation 4 To Have Xbox One Controller

Well, it is not exactly an Xbox One controller but take a look at the upcoming PlayStation 4 controller by Nacon and tell us that you don’t see any similarities between the Xbox One controller.

Sony just announces that there will be two new PS4 controllers from a third party. One from Nacon and the other for Razer. The new Nacon Revolution will come with an eight-way directional pad, four custom profiles, four more shortcut buttons. Two internal compartments with six additional weights and more.

The Razer Raiju, on the other hand, will come with a built-in control panel, trigger-stop switches and hair-trigger mode, two extra bumpers, two extra detachable triggers, two custom profiles and more.

Details like the price of the controllers and the release date were not announce. What do you think of the new controllers? Which one would you go for? Protection Status