Playstation 4 Neo Want’s People To Choose Them Over Apple

The Playstation 4 Neo and the Apple iPhone 7 are both completely different but there is no denying that they are both extremely popular and that people will want to be tuning in when they announce their new product so why choose the same date and split the attention?

Sony has now announced that they will be announcing their upcoming new Playstation 4 Neo on the 7th of September, the same day as Apple. The invites that they gave out did not specifically say that it was for the Neo but most people believe that it is.

It is believed that the new Playstation 4 Neo will be coming in with more RAM, an upgraded processor as well as a new GPU. The Playstation 4 Neo will not be coming in as a Playstation 4 replacement but will be sold alongside the Playstation 4.

More details will be reveal when Sony announces it next month.

Steven Estevez

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