PETA Piling The Pressure On Bioware

Dragon Age Inquisition was released late last year and it is currently the most played title across all platforms. For those on the latest Xbox One and PS4, Dragon Age Inquisition is currently the best RPG title ever.

However, one party is not happy with the game and it is PETA. The government organization that upholds animal rights is actually displeased with how Dragon Age Inquisition is somehow promoting animal abuse.

PETA’s spokesperson shared in a statement that the firm was shock upon seeing many YouTube videos boasting on their first dragon kill. Ironically, PETA has a point as many YouTube videos came out with some disturbing titles.

Among them includes ‘How To Kill Your First Dragon’, ‘My First Dragon Kill’, ‘Dragonlings Massacred’ and many more. It gets even more worrying when some videos showcased the most vicious way to kill a wild Buffalo.

Now, PETA is preparing to launch a lawsuit against Bioware over the bad influence that Dragon Age Inquisition. Then again, this doesn’t look like happening as it will only make PETA look like fools.

Readers are to note that the above is fully exaggerated and it is a point to make against the ridiculous statement made by PETA here. If the organization have issues with Dragon Age Inquisition, they should at least take out GTA 5 first.

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