PETA Blames Dragon Age Inquisition Over Mistreatment Of Dragons

Dragon Age Inquisition is the latest RPG game to arrive on the Xbox One and PS4. Despite only being a couple of weeks old, the third sequel to the highly successful franchise are now entangled in a controversy with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The American animal rights organization has called for an intervention to not support Dragon Age Inquisition as it boasts human cruelty to animals. VGMMDI reported that PETA is not pleased with how the third sequel is promoting the hunting and killing of innocent animals like dragons.

Even though dragons don’t quite exist in the real world, PETA’s senior VP, Dan Matthews expresses his disappointment with Dragon Age 3, which forces players to destroy dragon’s nests and kill the creatures.

Of course, the whole article is nothing more than a joke from VGMMDI. If there is an organization that hates a game over the virtual immoralities, then they should start off by feuding with the GTA franchise. If killing dragons are bad, what more is killing humans just for the fun of it?

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