PETA Accuse Dragon Age Inquisition OF Promoting Animal Abuse

Here in the US, we have an organization that acts against animal abuse. The entity is called People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or better known as PETA. Now, the organization is making a name for itself after getting into a tussle with game developer Bioware.

Apparently, the dispute is with Dragon Age Inquisition which is accused of promoting animal violence. PETA Senior VP, Dan Matthews, shared that the issue is actually not just with Dragon Age Inquisition. Throughout the series, Bioware has been promoting the unjustified killing of dragons in the game.

Just by looking at Dragon Age Inquisition, thousands of dragon killing videos was shared on YouTube in less than a day after the game got released. Some of the videos came with insensitive titles like “Killing My First Dragon”, “Epic Dragon Combat”, “How To Kill A Dragon”, “Demolishing Dragon Eggs” and many more.

Yes, dragons can be disgusting and monstrous. However, they actually pose no threat to human since they only feed on cows and sheeps. If dragons are to exist, they will surely be extinct similarly to how sharks are going to be axed from existence. Or maybe, this has already happened.

We hate to break it to you but what you read above is actually a fan-made parody. It was made by a Dragon Age Inquisition player to address the craze on the game. In reality, PETA has made no response whatsoever to Dragon Age Inquisition.