Patapon, Crash, LocoRoco Heading To Android & iOS Soon?

There are tons of Sony games that would make perfect smartphone games and the good news is that we might actually see that happen now that Sony has revealed that they have already set up a new division called ForwardWorks.

According to Sony, ForwardWordks will work to bring some of Sony’s Playstation property into the smartphone market and that includes games, short movies and more. They also added that they will be releasing and testing out the games in Asia first before they expand to the rest of the world.

Some of the games that the fans are hoping to see in the AppStore and Playstore are games like Patapon, LocoRoco as well as Crash

Battery capacity and smartphones overheating has been the main reason why the smartphone gaming does not seem to be heading anywhere so it will be interesting to see how this will turn out for Sony.

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