Overwatch: The Teasing Finally Stops

Blizzard has been teasing their fans about the new champion Sombra for the longest time and now, we finally get to see what she is all about.

Using all the clues dropped by Blizzard, the fans have already managed to figure out that the new character will be a hacking hero but the new reveal video will show us what Sombra will be able to do in the game. From what we can see, Sombra will be able to teleport and manipulate the environment around her. She will also have a pea-shooter pistol as well.

Not only will players be getting a new champion to play with but they will also be getting a new map as well as a new mode. The new map, Eco Point will be based around Mei while the new mode will be called the Arcade Mode which can be played 1v1 or 3v3.

Check out the new short animation introducing Sombra below.

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