Overwatch: Sombra Not A Myth, More To Uncover

Some fans have been noticing that there were hints about Sombra throughout Overwatch. People soon started speculating that Sombra could be the next Hero to be added into the game.

Well, Blizzard has just confirmed that Sombra is the next Hero for the game. In fact, they were not surprised that the fans manage to come to that conclusion since they did leave a lot of hints of all over the place. So many that some of them have not been discovered yet.

With so many of them getting found, you would think that it is all but Jeff Kaplan, the Game Director of Overwatch confirm that there is still more to be found.

The fans have been trying to piece together the pieces for some time now. As of now, most people believe that the new Hero will play the villain part and that it is a female. There were some talks about her being Pharah’s Mom as well.


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