Overwatch Goes Down Watch Dog’s Path

We know that Blizzard is looking to introduce a new character for their Overwatch game. In fact, Blizzard has been teasing their new character Sombra for some time now and it looks like we might finally be able to put a face to that name now.

We will most likely see Blizzard announce here at Blizzcon this year but before that happens, a few leak images of what many believe is the new Overwatch hero has surfaced on the internet.

The images were found on Reddit and not only do we get to see how she will look like but the image also included parts of the description. From what we can read, Sombra is known for being the world’s best hacker. The description also mentions something about using computers to survive and that she worked with the Los Muertos gang in Mexico. She was later recruited by Talon which means she could be working with Reaper.

The image captured only parts of her description but at least now, we have some kind of background story to work with.


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