Overkill’s The Walking Dead Went From Exciting To Nothing

After what Overkill has done with PayDay, fans got all excited when it was announced that the developer will also be working on a new The Walking Dead game. Most people believe the new Walking Dead game is going to be one of the best game this year.

However, the game did not make it out this year. While it was originally set to be released this year, Overkill announces that they had to push it back a little. They did not really explain why the game was delayed or announce a new release window so the fans are now waiting in the dark.

In fact, there have not been any news about the game ever since they announce that it would be delayed. All we know now is that The Walking Dead by Overkill is going to be nothing like the one by Telltale and that this new game will be a co-op game.

Hopefully more details will be released soon.

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