Overkill’s The Walking Dead Went From Exciting To Frustrating

With the Walking Dead series having such a huge fanbase, you can bet that you will get a lot of attention when you announce that you are about to make a new Walking Dead game. However, the excitement soon turned into frustration as the developers continue to drag the game.

There have not been a whole lot of information about Overkill’s The Walking Dead ever since it was announced a few years ago. We were all excited mainly because they promised that this is not going to be like the Telltale version and that the people behind Payday are going to work on it.

It was originally set to be released this year but the developers later came out to announce that they will have to delay the game. No new date was given but at least we know that they have not abandoned the game just yet.

Unlike the Telltale The Walking Dead, the Overkill version is said to be a co-op game. The game will be release on the PS4 , PC and Xbox One. How long more do you think we will need to wait?

Steven Estevez

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