Overkill’s The Walking Dead: Dead Before It Got A Chance

There was definitely a lot of hype when Overkill first announce that they were going to create their own The Walking Dead game. After what they’ve done with Payday, their fans were convinced that The Walking Dead game by Overkill was going to be amazing.

Well, it would have been if they hadn’t taken their own sweet time with the game. When the game was first announced, they added that The Walking Dead will be arriving this year but they later came out to say that they need more time and that they had to delay the game.

Since then, we have not heard a thing about the game. With all the hype about the game, Overkill might have problems meeting the expectation of their fans when the game finally arrives. The same thing happened to Pokemon Go and No Man’s Sky this year.

Let’s hope Overkill will release more details before their fans run out of patience and start tearing them down before the game is ready.

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