Overkill’s The Walking Dead As Good As Dead?

At least that is what some of the Overkill fans are thinking. Overkill got a lot of attention after Payday and the fans were actually excited to see how their version of the The Walking Dead will turn out but so far, we have not seen anything from them yet.

Overkill’s version of the Walking Dead was set to be release this year but they have already made the announcement saying that the game will not be released this year and that they needed more time to develop it.

Most of us won’t mind waiting for another year or not but at least give us something to chew on while we wait for the game. A lot of fans are running out of patient and people might start to resent them if they don’t release a little information about the upcoming game.

Unlike the Walking Dead game that we have right now, the Overkill version is a co-op game. It will be interesting to see how it all turnout.

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