Our Favorite Google Now Tips & Tricks

Google Now is a virtual personal assistant feature that assists users in organizing their daily life, as well as pulling out information straight from the web. Heck, there are still many more functions with Google Now that users are not aware of.

Things are much simpler now with Google Now as the function list out the search query in categories from fresh content, all the way to forums. The search results are presented in cards for quick access.

Also, users can also get reminders from web contents through Google Now. When searching for a television series or movies, there is the reminder option at the bottom of the page. With it, Google will remind the users on when the next episode gets released or when the film is launched.

In addition to that, users can also share the traffic updates of their location by going to Menu>Settings>Google Now>Traffic and check the “Let them see your commute updates”.

Next is the Hotword detection system. Enabling this will make it easier to use speech search. With it, all users have to say is Google, followed by the search query.

Finally is the fact that Google Now is available on the desktop. All that is needed is the Google Chrome browse. On the address bar, type chrome://flags/ at the search bar. Lookout for Google Now and enable the flag before rebooting Chrome. Google Now should be running on the browser by then.

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