OnePlusOne Is Not Made For India

OnePlus One is regarded as one of the world’s best smartphone due to its powerful specs and cheap price tag. However, many are no longer thrilled by the OnePlus One after facing issues with quality and services offered by the phone maker. Now, India too hates the smartphone.

This is confirmed after OnePlus announced that they won’t be giving the One any Cyanogen support. In other words, the OnePlus One will still sell in India but they won’t be getting updated or receiving any support at all.

While it might be unfortunate, OnePlus also took the opportunity to blame it on CyanogenMod. The company claims that it is Cyanogen that refused to give support for the One in India and worst of all, there is no way to explain their decision.

Nevertheless, OnePlus will make sure that India gets the latest itineraries with the One like the upcoming Lollipop Final Build that is coming for a release by February. As such, consumers should hold their horses if they plan to get the OnePlus One and think it through.