OnePlus One: Which Stores Have It?

OnePlus is the new name on the blog and the One smartphone is the company’s first global creation. While the device is built to be better than the Samsung Galaxy S5, it is still too new for carriers to start selling them.

This has left the fans lost as they have no idea on where to get them. If you’re a fan of the OnePlus One, then your worries are over. We have done the searching for you and here is where you can purchase the smartphone.

For starters, there is the OppoMart which is selling the 16GB Silk White model. This is the best and the cheapest deals around for the OnePlus One. Previously, it was thought that an invite from OPO is needed to purchase the smartphone here but that isn’t required any longer.

Then there are the third party retailers that take in the product. While it might cost slightly more than the recommended retail price, it is a safer option for the consumers as there are no risk of scams.

As great as the OnePlus One may be, there is a downside from getting the phone. It is tuned to run on China’s network and using it in Europe and America might create some issues.

All in all, the OnePlus One is still a growing brand and with the impact it is leaving in the smartphone industry, the company will certainly become a global entity in no time. When that happens, expect OnePlus to be available worldwide.


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