OnePlus One Pre-Orders Getting Defective Phones Complains On The Rise!

There is a controversy surrounding OnePlus One at the moment after many users voiced out that they have been receiving a defective device. It gets worse when the support hotline failed to respond efficiently and effectively to their needs.

In detail, consumers are complaining that the OnePlus One they received can’t play sound on the speakers. There are other issues cited like malfunctioning power button and broken cameras.

The situation grew worse when OnePlus One support hotline couldn’t assist the customers in a timely manner. Some cases actually dragged pass the 3-month mark, thus eliminating the exchange policy period.

After all, it is not easy to deal with a manufacturer from China that ships the phone overseas via online purchase. The only way out of this for the customers is through complaining to their credit card company which they used to make the purchase. This will force OnePlus Support to assist the needy customers.

It is unsure if the broken OnePlus One is deliberate or accidental. Either way, this puts the company at risk of a swindling scandal. On the other hand, it is a risk that consumers have to accept when they decided to purchase an unknown smartphone from overseas.

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