OnePlus 3T Throws Shade At Google Pixel XL

The new OnePlus 3T will be coming in to compete with the Google Pixel XL device and while the Google Pixel XL device does have its advantages, the OnePlus 3T is also putting up a great fight.

OnePlus has just released a new video to highlight their own Dash Charge feature that promises to reduce the charging time of their device. In the video, they compared to the OnePlus 3T and the Google Pixel XL to see which device reaches 100% faster.

The OnePlus 3T comes in with a 3400mAh battery pack while the Google Pixel XL will come in with a 3450mAh battery pack. In the end, the OnePlus 3T needed only 1 hour and 30minutes to get juiced up while the Pixel XL needed 2 hours and 1 minute making the OnePlus 3T the clear winner here.

If you had to choose between the Pixel XL and the OnePlus 3T, which one will you pick? Protection Status