OnePlus 3T: No Longer A Rumor

There have long been talks about OnePlus is going to come out with a new premium version of their OnePlus 3T and while OnePlus have not made any announcement yet, the new tweet from Qualcomm does suggest that the rumors might be correct after all.

While Qualcomm did not specifically mention that it was going to be the OnePlus 3T, they did say that OnePlus is working on a new smartphone that will be running on their latest Snapdragon 821. This piece of information has already been leak a few weeks ago but Qualcomm is now confirming it.

We do not know when OnePlus will be showing off this new Snapdragon 821 powered device but most people seems to think that we will be seeing it this holiday season. It is believed that the new OnePlus device will be coming in with an OLED screen and will be fitted with 6GB RAM. Protection Status