OnePlus 3: Is This Goodbye?

OnePlus fans are not going to be happy when they hear about this. Some of them were already furious with OnePlus for sneakily releasing a better version of the OnePlus 3 just months after the device was release and now, it looks like OnePlus is ready to take the OnePlus 3 off the market.

According to Techradar, OnePlus will be killing off the OnePlus 3 smartphone and focus on selling the new and slightly more expensive OnePlus 3T once the OnePlus 3 stocks runs out.

That means if you are still planning to get the OnePlus 3, you might want to act fast because there won’t be any more coming.

While this can be frustrating for their fans, we also can see why OnePlus wanted to do it. The OnePlus 3T will come with a long list of upgrades and the fact that it is only cost a fraction more than the PnePlus 3 will mean that people will be ignoring the OnePlus 3 once the 3T arrives.

The OnePlus 3 retails for $400 right now while the OnePlus 3T will cost you $439.

Steven Estevez

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