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Nokia 230 & Nokia 230 Dual SIM: Strictly For Selfie Addicts And Gamers

Microsoft and Nokia revealed two new feature phones from the result of their pact: the Nokia 230 and Nokia 230 Dual SIM. And they’re going to be available for only $55. What?!

Accordingly, the new Nokia phones would share the same specifications and features, only to have an additional dual-SIM card slot for the Nokia 230 Dual SIM. What’s more, they’re going to feature an aluminum back cover with 124.6 by 53.4 by 10.9 mm measurements, and weighing at only 92 grams. Too light! But we’ll adore!

Perhaps the most significant feature for the phones would be that of the 2 megapixel cameras on the front and back, with both having integrated LED flash, enabling the user’s selfie to have an ideal amount of lighting, even at nighttime. Now, are you convinced yet? Cause if you’re not, there’s something for the gamers too.

Gamers might be pleased for the existence of a physical keyboard (touchscreen ain’t convenient sometimes) and that the smartphones will come with Open Store access in selected markets. These will enable gamers to download one free Gameloft game every month for one year. Now the nods are coming.

With the phones just retailed at a price of $55, it’s going to be very affordable, and it’s expected to be released first in India, Asia and the Middle East in December, with other markets to follow in 2016. Nonetheless, it’s going to be a chance to walk down memory lane, as its resemblance to the nostalgic phones we’ve used is uncanny.

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