No Man’s Sky Update Will Bring New Content, Developers Still Hiding

It does feel like Sean Murray and his team went into hiding as soon as the heat got too real. Their No Man’s Sky was nowhere near what they promised and the fans made sure Hello Games knew how they felt.

We have not heard from Hello Games for about a month now and we think that it will continue to be that way until Hello Games releases their next update. While Hello Games have not announced it yet, we now know that a content update is being worked on right now thanks to No Man’s Sky composer, Paul Weir.

When asked if there is going to be any new music for the game, the composer replied on Twitter that there will be a few new songs in the first No Man’s Sky content update. We do not know what else the update will be bringing in but we sure hope it brings the game closer to what we all thought was No Man’s Sky.

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