No Man’s Sky: Not Getting Special Treatment From Steam

Reports about Steam giving No Man’s Sky a special treatment when it comes to refunding their customers have started circulating last week and now Steam have come out to clear the air.

When it was announced that Steam would offer their players a refund no matter how many hours they have played the game, players thought that Steam was giving No Man’s Sky buyers a special treatment since the standard policy is that the title has to be played for less than two hours to be entitled to a refund.

Well, According to Steam, No Man’s Sky players will have to clock in less than two hours to get an automatic refund for the game. Those that have played the game more than 2 hours is allowed to appeal for a refund but that does not mean that they will get it for sure.

That still means that players can still get it even though they have played the game for more than two hours so you might want to try your luck if you want to get a refund from Steam.

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