No Man’s Sky Is Totally Different From The Leak Version

Some lucky few did manage to get their hands on the game earlier than the rest of us and their initial review was that the games were not as interesting as what the developers are claiming. According to them, the creatures in the game are rather limited and that they can actually explore the whole universe within 25 to 30 hours.

Well, it looks like there is actually more to No Man’s Sky than what the initial players believe and Hello Games might have actually kept the rest from them intentionally.

We know that the patch was completely not too long ago and now it has been reveal that the new patch will change the whole construction of the Universe. Players will come across more creatures, the universe will be a lot larger and the systems will now contain more details like dead moon, extreme hazard planets and more.

It was also revealed the Hello Games also remove the infinite warp cell exploit which could be the reason why some players were complaining that the universe is smaller than what Hello Games suggested

The game will officially be arriving on PS4 on the 9th this month. PC players will be getting the game three days later.

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