No Man’s Sky: Is It Still Salvageable?

It is clear that the game No Man’s Sky was what we all expected it to be. When the game was announced at E3, the developers showed us planets that were far more interesting than what we have come across so far but the fans have not given up yet.

Since the game generates now planet on its own, fans think that they might actually find something that is close to the E3 trailer if they try hard enough. At this point, we have already given up on trying to replicate what we have seen in the E3 trailer.

We know that Hello Games is still working on it but it was huge too big of a letdown. We would much rather wait for another year or so and get a game that is close to they were promised than have this incomplete game and hope that it will eventually be what they envision it to be.

Players were not happy as they had to pay $60 to get a game that is not even close to what it was supposed to be. Will Hello Games be able to salvage this or is this the end?

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