No Man’s Sky Is Finally Ready!

This is it! After all the hype and delays it looks like we can finally get our hands on the No Man’s Sky game. The game got a lot of attention when it was first announced because of how the game works.

The game allowed players to travel the Galaxy and since everything is self-generated, nobody really knows what is out there until they make their way there. Players are free to roam and explore to their hearts contend.

However, the development was far from smooth as the developer, Hello Games had to delay the game a few times to get it right. The last time delay pushed the game to an August released and it looks like this is it.

Sean Murray. Hello Games founder tweeted an image along with a statement saying that the game is done. If everything goes according to plan now, we should be seeing the game on the 9th of August.

Let’s hope it lives up to the hype.

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