No Man’s Sky: How To Survive

With so many unknown elements in the game, surviving long enough to explore and trade is going to be a problem but that is where all the fun is at as well.

No Man’s Sky developer, Hello Games have released the new and final trailer for the game. Called Survival, the trailers will give players some insight as to what players will have to do to survive the game.

Since you never know what is in the newly explored planet, players might come across deadly creatures, toxic rain, and more. The last few trailers include Explorer, Fight, as well as Trade. This will be the last trailer before the game arrives.

The game No Man’s Sky will be officially arriving on the 9th of August on PlayStation 4. PC players will have to wait for 3 extra days before they can get their hands on the new No Man’s Sky game. After all the delay and hype, we will finally be able to experience what No Man’s Sky is all about.

Check out the final trailer “Survive” below.

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