No Man’s Sky Foundation Update Enough To Soothe The Pain

The release of No Man’s Sky was easily one of the biggest disappointment this year. After all the hype and expectation, the developers failed to meet the standard they themselves set up for the game and the fans were not too happy about it.

Well, after the waves of rage from the fans, the developers decided to crawl back to their den and start working on a solution. Their solution, the Foundation Update. With the update, players can now set up bases, set up waypoints, use robots to gather resources and buy freighters.

Of course, this game is still far from being the game that we all wanted to have but at least it is now one step closer to being that game now. It also looks like they managed to make their fans happy for once with the update. Of course, they will have to continue with updates like this to gain back the trust of their fans.

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