No Man’s Sky: Dev Should Stop Avoiding Their Fans

It is clear that the release of the new No Man’s Sky game was far from what Hello Games have expected. After what they have hinted in the past, the fans were just not happy with the game when they realize how little the game is actually offering. To add salt to the wound, it seems like Hello Games is going down Niantic’s path where they try to ignore the fans in hopes that thing will calm down soon.

However, the problem with that is that the fans will try to go elsewhere for more details and more often than not, they will stumble upon some fake news that would cause some unnecessary panic.

One player reported that his discoveries in the game were being deleted by the game. Players were already not happy with the game and that did nothing to soothe their anger. Of course, it was later pointed out that that was not the case.

Despite all of this chaos happening, we still have not heard much from Hello Games.

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