No Man’s Sky: Can’t Hide Behind “Indie” Title For Long

It is clear now that the No Man’s Sky game is nowhere close to what we thought the game would be. Some might argue that we got the information wrong and had too high hopes for the game while other are condemning No Man’s Sky developers, Hello Games for misleading us.

Some fans also come out to defend the developers saying that they are just an indie developer and that they should be forgiven for their mistake made but the fans are not having any of that.

Many of them reported that they can’t be considered an indie developer anymore. With Sony backing them up and those huge marketing campaigns, it sure does not feel like they can be considered an indie developer.

Then there is also the huge $60 price tag. We don’t often see indie games with such a huge price tag but we think that the fans won’t really mind if they had delivered what they promised they would.

Hello Games refusing to communicate with their fans is not helping as well.

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