Nissan Serena Takes Control, Tesla Watch Out

It seems like most automakers are trying to come out with an autopilot system of their own but so far, nobody has really come close to what Tesla is offering right now.

The latest to join to race to a fully automated vehicle is Nissan. The automaker announce that their new autopilot system called ProPilot will be coming with their upcoming Nissan Serena.

If everything goes according to plan, they will also be offering the ProPilot system here in the US. The new Nissan ProPilot will allow drivers to drive almost hands=free thanks to its highway cruising ability. According to Nissan, the system will control the steering, acceleration, and braking of the vehicle.

The drive can also set the safe distance between the vehicle and the car in front and the vehicle will keep the distance using the mono camera and image-processing technology.

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