Nissan Leaf Still Hanging In There

After being around for so many years, the Nissan Leaf is in serious need of an upgrade. While the year to date sales have been going down for the Nissan Leaf, it has just been reported that the EV model has just surpassed the 100,000 unit mark last month.

It is clear that people are still looking for a good affordable EV model out there which is why we think it would do Nissan and the Leaf a whole lot of good if they would just give it an upgrade.

Fans have been waiting for Nissan to offer them a new EV with a longer electric range and while there have been talks about Nissan working on it, the longer range Nissan Leaf never arrived.

It is believed that the next Nissan Leaf will be powered by a 60kWh battery that will offer about 200miles of electric range on a single charge.

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