Nissan Leaf New Charging Station Won’t Help

Having more charging stations for the Nissan Leaf is definitely a plus but whether it will help increase the sales of the Nissan Leaf is a whole other problem.

Things have been going from bad to worst for the Nissan Leaf right now as their sales seem to be dropping lower every month. While the limited charging station could one of the reason why most people think that the additional station won’t help with the sales at all.

The current Nissan Leaf is in serious need of an exterior upgrade. EV car buyers are also hoping that Nissan would offer the Nissan Leaf with a bigger battery pack so that it can travel a little further. Most people believe that the sales will only improve once these upgrades were made.

New markets that will be getting the charger will include Charleston, Miami, Tampa, Portland, and more. New Nissan Leaf owners will be able to charge their vehicle for free for two years at these public chargers.


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