Nissan GT-R, Bugatti Veyron The Worst Of The Lot

Automakers tend to go a little crazy when to comes to their sports car. Sometimes they get it right but there are also times when they mess things up. So what are the worst looking sports car in the market?

Well, the consumers seem to think that the Nissan GT-R might be the most boring sports car in the market and we can see why. While most automakers choose to give their sports car a sleeker design, Nissan went and gave their Nissan GT-R a fat and rather chunky design. As fun as it is to drive, it is just not the most appealing sports car in the market.

Another model that does not seem to agree with the consumers is the Bugatti Veyron. Even though it is one of the most powerful sports cars in the market, it seems like the consumers are not a fan of its mouse-like design. The design probably helps with the aerodynamics of the car but it definitely did not help visually.

What other models do you think has the worst design?