Nintendo Switch: Why You Need To Put It Down

We all love our handheld device and the only reason why consoles are more popular now is because of its processing power. If the new Nintendo Switch handheld mode works as well as the console mode, why do we need to dock it?

Well, you get to play on a bigger screen but that is not a big enough reason to plug it in. Some people think that the dock could be a charging station for the Nintendo Switch but others are now saying that the dock could add additional processing power to the Switch console.

According to Laura Dale, a reliable source told her that the dock will help increase the processing power of the system so there is a solid reason as to why we need to play it as a console.

Nintendo did say that the Switch was intended to be a console. Nintendo has been withholding a lot of information from the public. Until they offer us more, all we can do now is speculate.

Steven Estevez

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